For Parents: Social Media & Cell Phone Awareness

Wednesday, October 25
725 Lagimodiere Blvd, Classroom 1
Kids classes provided.

Springs Youth is hosting an evening for parents to discuss social media awareness and cell phone guidelines for their kids. You may not be able to find Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in the Bible, but social media is everywhere. At the heart of social media is relationships, and that the Bible has a lot to say about.

Learn how to set guidelines and boundaries to help your kids learn to use wisdom with social media and cell phones. Choose to step up as parents and help your children develop wisdom and make wise choices that reflect your family’s values and core beliefs.

Kids are a gift from God, and He trusts us to raise them, encourage them, care for them, correct and counsel them. Take your rightful place as parents and work with your children to know everything that’s going on in their lives and in the ever growing area of social media.

If you have any questions about this event feel free to contact the church office at (204) 233-7003 or email