Springs Christian Academy

Pursuing Christ. Pursuing Excellence.

Jr/Sr High (7-12).


Youville Campus – Grades 7-12
261 Youville Street
Winnipeg, MB     R2H 2S7

School Hours are 8:45-3:40.
Office Hours are 8:30-4:00.

Our Foundation
SCA purposes to put Christ at the center of all that we do.  As a ministry of Springs Church, we embrace being spirit contemporary by teaching God’s Word in a relevant and easily understood manner, and by teaching our students to influence the marketplace with integrity and high standards. 

Our provincially certified Educators incorporate academic excellence throughout all subject areas offering experiences that will challenge students.  Our students receive fundamental writing skills and many of our students have had their literary works published! Jr. High students consistently rank in the top 5 in Manitoba in a national Math Contest. High school students experience science first-hand in our modern science lab. The culmination of academic excellence is found in the fact that our Grade 12 students consistently score higher than the provincial average for provincial standards exams.  SCA graduates are well equipped to enter post-secondary studies.

SCA has skilled staff and volunteer coaches as well as team assistants that possess a passion to train and equip our teams to perform with excellence while incorporating character development and life skills teaching into our students!  Gr. 7 – 12 students experience competitive athletics in provincially ranked volleyball and basketball teams. In addition to physical education classes, mini-clinics are offered to train and enhance various skills. Our Youville gymnasium displays the many division banners that have been won including 2 provincial championship banners from past volleyball seasons!

Fine Arts
SCA nurtures opportunities for students to develop and grow in Fine Arts.  Jr. High students are introduced to band and choir instruction in Grade 7 and the music program continues with electives through Grade 12, allowing the pursuit of musical interest and giftings. Dynamic drama electives and awe-inspiring art classes are evident as you walk through our halls, theatre and even throughout Winnipeg.

At SCA, we use the dynamic program “Histoires en Action” and basic French is mandatory up to Gr. 8.  French then continues as an elective in Gr. 9-12. Our students’ French speaking results are exceptional!

SCA believes technology is a vital skill for all students.  Our state-of-the-art computer lab at Youville is equipped with dual-platform iMacs and includes two portable labs with laptop computers. This technology gives students access to new and innovative electives including video game development, digital film/photography, and broadcast media. Students are able to use their skills in the Springs Church media department.  Teachers also infuse technology throughout all curriculum areas to enhance learning. 

Students at every grade level have Spiritual Emphasis Retreats, where the goal is for students to connect with one another and God.  As well, Grade 8 students have the opportunity to travel to Memphis, TN as a culminating trip after studying about Civil Rights during the year.  Every second year, Gr. 11-12 students can travel to Europe during Spring Break.  Annual ski trips and camping trips are organized by the Athletic Department.

Youth Parliament
Youth Parliament allows students an opportunity to practice public speaking and debate skills.  Students form ministries, propose legislation and follow parliamentary procedure.  This unique experience brings many MLAs, MPs and other Politicians to our school to watch the proceedings and bring greetings.