595 Lagimodiere Blvd

Wednesdays at Springs are all about growing with God. We have a variety of Life Courses that offer resources and solutions for your everyday life.
Kids Classes available for ages 4 months to Grade 6.

We also have a service every Wednesday in the Chapel at our 595 Lagimodiere location featuring a video series from brilliant Pastors and Doctors from all over the world. *Deaf interpreter provided.

Wednesdays, April 12 & 19 - Holy Spirit by Leon Fontaine
Come out and join us at the Holy Spirit class as Pastor Leon teaches via video about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and why we must have Him active in our lives today.

Wednesdays, April 26, May 3, 10, and 17 - The Power of Hope by Andrew Wommack
A large percentage of what you experience in your life is a result of what is seen on the inside of your heart. Did you know that the Bible says you can change the direction of your life by using the hope that God has given you? Learn how hope can produce a picture that faith can give substance to.
Join Andrew Wommack as he shows us how to develop this hope.
- What hope is
- How hope paints a picture
- How to develop your hope
- How to look beyond the natural
- What is it that you are expecting

Wednesday, May 24 - The Power of Right Thinking by Joyce Meyer
Our mind probably gives us more trouble than anything else. Our mind is the battleground that Satan comes and attacks us on. If you can win the battle in the mind, you can win the battle for life. Join Joyce Meyer as she teaches on the power of right thinking
- Paul warns us to keep away from controversial discussions that are bound to yield strife.
- We need to cultivate an obedient mind because where the mind goes, the man follows.
- A spiritual mind is a mind of peace – not a mind that is full of worry and turmoil.

Wednesdays, June 7, 14, and 21 - Staying Committed by Christine Caine
No matter what your story is, you’ve probably experienced some hardship in your life. Working through adversity, brokenness, and pain is never easy, but God wants to help and heal you. The way your journey began doesn’t have to be the way it ends. Christine Caine is living proof that you can start bad and finish good.
- You will have always have options in your life but are you committed to the ones you have chosen.
- Remember the promises of God have no expiration date
- You will need to possess those promises.

Wednesdays, June 28, July 5, 12, and 19 - Secrets of the Blessed by Leon Fontaine
Blessings aren’t just about prosperity; they’re also about health, protection, growth, and great relationships. God wants your life blessed, which means happy, fortunate and to be envied!
In this series with Pastor Leon you will discover:
- Secrets from the Bible that reveal God’s blessings on your life.
- How many Christians are misinformed about how to actually qualify for God’s blessings.
- Keys to overcoming your current circumstances, which are never beyond His promises for you.
- How to start believing for more and receiving God’s best.

Learn the Secrets of the Blessed and watch as your life is transformed in every way. You’ll go to a new level in every area of life as you start to live the blessed life!