Biblical Studies

Wednesday nights

Our Biblical Studies program is designed for those who desire to increase in Bible knowledge to be better equipped for a life of significance. Taught by our pastors through video sessions, these courses will enable you to delve deeper into biblical truths and lead you on a journey of increased knowledge and understanding that will take your relationship with God to a much higher level.

Foundations - 5 sessions
Faith - 6 sessions
Prayer - 2 sessions
Gospel of Peace - 2 sessions
Holy Spirit & The Gifts - 5 sessions
Grace - 4 sessions
Healing - 4 sessions
Stewardship - 1 session
Spirit Contemporary - 4 sessions

Tuition: Individuals $300 per year / Couples $450 per year
For your convenience, payment plans are available. 

Download the Biblical Studies registration form and submit via email to or at the Guest Centre on Sundays. You can also download the schedule for the year.

Biblical Studies is considered part of our Springs College Continuing Education.