The Leadership and Management Program is a full-time nine-month program designed for young adults between the ages of 18 - 25.

Students need to learn leadership skills. Companies and organizations identify team leadership skills as the #1 quality they look for in the university and college graduates they hire. However, research has shown that you cannot address the leadership challenges of today’s complex world by reading and discussion alone--you have to experience them. Unfortunately, in most universities and colleges today few students learn the leadership skills that they need to be successful in their future jobs or to serve their churches and communities effectively.

The most effective leadership programs occur in everyday settings where training and getting things done happen at the same time. Springs College has developed a full-time leadership and management program that accomplishes this by combining a biblical, skills-based theoretical framework with hands-on experience to ensure that young potential leaders are given the opportunity to learn how to manage themselves, grow close to God, see beyond the superficial in our world, recognize and value the diverse talents and skills of others, build trusting relationships in teams, manage projects effectively and build positive, high performing teams in a spirit contemporary way. This program also offers a media production elective for students who have the desire to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities in the areas of audio, video, and multimedia production.

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Courses & Descriptions

Biblical Studies - ISOM
These courses will assist in training and equipping our students for a life of success as well as to reach out and minister to a lost and hurting world. The curriculum we utilize in our training is being used in over 14,000 churches in 142 nations and over 65 languages and is part of the world’s largest video Bible school (International School of Ministry-ISOM). The material contains 160 life messages taught by over 30 renowned ministries The effectiveness of Biblical Studies is based in its breadth of great teachers. The material was never designed as a collection of theory and theology; rather it aims at capturing the life-messages of respected believers from many different streams of Christianity.

Leadership & Personal Management
This course introduces students to the personal management challenges and competencies that are critical for effective leadership. Students learn how the personal development of life skills such as integrity, positive attitudes and behaviours, understanding others, critical thinking, communication, managing information, problem solving, self-discipline, goal setting, time management, stress management, etc. relate to their ability to be an effective leader. This course focuses on facilitating the students’ awareness and understanding of their own abilities and provides the students with tremendous opportunity for growth through self-reflection, personal exploration, discussion and application.

Leadership & Project Management
This course is focused on the dynamics of project leadership from the individual, team, and organizational perspective. Students will learn the roles that leadership, assessment and evaluation play in developing world-class project teams. This course explores the “people side” and “the process side” of leadership and project management and there are two main objectives for this course: The first objective in this course is to introduce students to the skills, qualities and attributes needed to successfully follow and lead others in a project management environment. A significant emphasis is placed upon interpersonal competencies and skills required for leading and motivating groups/teams. The second objective in this course is for students to focus on the key fundamental project management areas with emphasis on organizing, planning and scheduling work and provides the information needed to organize and structure the work on a project. As students progress through college, church and into the workforce, these skills will prove to be extremely beneficial to their development and growth.

Applied Leadership & Project Management
This course is a hands-on project-based companion course to the Leadership and Project Management course. Since the most effective leadership programs occur in everyday settings where training and getting things done happen at the same time, this course will provide students frequent opportunities to practice the leadership skills they are learning in the Leadership and Project Management course and apply them in real-life situations. Students will plan, organize and execute ministry events and projects. As student leaders become more skilled and confident, they can take increasing responsibility both for planning and managing their activities and for training less experienced students in leadership skills.

Media Production (elective course)
This course is an introduction to television studio and field production and will familiarize students with the technical and aesthetic concepts and competencies involved in producing successful studio and field production. Students will develop their skills through a series of in-class exercises, studio and field projects, and through hands on training with our world class Springs Church media department. Students will have the opportunity to be exposed to and work in a wide range of media ministry opportunities available here at Springs Church.

General Ministry
All students are given an opportunity to volunteer in the ministries of Springs Church. This provides them another opportunity to practice the principles they are taught in a hands-on way. Springs Church is a leading church in Canada and students will work alongside the seasoned leaders of these ministries giving them opportunity to see the ministry from many aspects.

Ministries include:
Media (TV, Lighting, Audio)

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