Miracle Stories

This page has been designed to encourage and strengthen you. God shows no favouritism; what He has done for someone else, He will do for you and your family. Be encouraged by watching what God has done in the lives of others.

Share your miracle story!

Gayle's Story
Gayle shares her story of watching her husband go to be with Jesus.

Rick's Story
After enduring struggles and tragedy in his youth and childhood, Rick finds hope, love and family when he discovers Springs Church in Calgary!

Kristy's Story
After a tragic loss, learn how Kristy was able to deal with the guilt she felt and find peace.

TJ & Janice's Love Story
TJ and Janice share the story of how they met and what they do to keep the love in their marriage and blended family.

Caitlyn's Story
Caitlyn shares her story about God's protection from a potentially dangerous car accident.

Pastor Cameron Fontaine's Story
Leaving a Legacy (1936-2002)

Phil & Sue's Story
Phil and Sue share the story of their miracle baby!

Valery's Story
Watch Valery's remarkable story of how he found Springs Church.

Garret's Story
Is God still relevant for the next generation? Garret re-dedicates his life to God after experiencing a Spirit Contemporary Church.

Matt & Christy's Story
Learn to trust and give to God no matter what your situation is. Watch the amazing financial miracle that took place in Matt and Christy's lives.

Maria's Story
Through attending Springs College Maria learns about the bigger and better plan God has for her life.
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Dave's Story
A sign from God, and a life changed through Grace.
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Shyle's Story
Finding hope and peace in the midst of potentially devastating news.

Kaitlyn's Story
Kaitlyn tells her story of finding hope and overcoming depression.

Raiden's Story
It only takes one simple invitation to change someone's life forever.

Kandace's Story
Why giving and investing in the Church is so important.

Jared & Lidia Moran
Starting fresh! Finding freedom in a new country.

Springs Inner City Stories
Changing the community one life at a time.

Preeti Krishnan
A life of sadness and despair is turned around as Preeti learns who God is.

Lily Fehr
Healed from epileptic seizures.

Andrew Raposo
Miraculous recovery from a head trauma.

Kat Devuono
Given 6 months to live, Kathleen is healed from Celiac disease.

Randy Anderson
Randy survived a Dissecting Aortic Aneurysm, watch as he shares his story.

Neo's Story
Turning to God in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Mark & Kelly Wiebe
Baby Jaxon’s miraculous healing from brain damage.

Pat & Brian Maxwell
God is always there when we need him!

Anna St. Cyr
After being hit by a car traveling 69 km an hour, Anna awakens feeling fine.

Rick Joyal
Rick talks about the incredible miracle that saved his life!