595 Lagimodiere Blvd

Wednesdays at Springs are all about growing with God.  We have a service every Wednesday in the Chapel at our 595 Lagimodiere location featuring a video series from brilliant Pastors and Doctors from all over the world. *ASL interpreter provided.

Kids Classes available for ages 4 months to Grade 6.

Wednesdays, July 24, 31, August 7 and 14 - “Come With Me” by Judah Smith
In this new sermon series Judah discusses stories of the first century Jews. He illustrates that the faith expressed through the lives of these Jews ultimately paints a picture pointing to Jesus. We look at the story of Abraham and his journey of walking into the unknown and his ultimate destination - when he chose to believe.
How do we stay persuaded to keep following Jesus? How do we stick with what we’ve started through real-life challenges? Judah shares a fresh look at Moses’s story of endurance from Hebrews 11.
We continue the journey with the remarkable story of Rahab. Rahab risked it all to follow the God whose stories of deliverance had inspired her to believe and affected her future forever.
In the final message of the five week journey, we take a look at the event that changed the world forever and what Jesus really means when he says, "Come, follow me."

Wednesdays, August 21, 28, September 4, 11, 18 & 25 - “Triggered” by Steven Furtick
We need to be taking back and not just give territory over to the devil in the area of our imagination.  We tend to live out of hypothetical scenario’s that may or may not ever happen. It keeps us from enjoying the life God has given us. Join Steven Furtick over this 6 week series as he teaches us how to take back our mind. 
1) Take back your mind, you are humble.
2) In order to resist the enemy we have to learn how to recognize him.
3) We all play movies in our mind, but is our imagination getting in the way of our reality.
4) We all freak out from time to time, but do we ever ask ourselves “why”?
5) It is not just more confidence we need, its more confidence in the right places that is needed.
6) Your situation is not as important as your interpretation of it.