Pastor Zach Fontaine

Springs as we know it today has always been and will always be centered around family. Our history depicts one that has kept a generational mindset and outlook – with Jesus at the centre of it all. I look in awe at the foresight that our founding pastors displayed in the decisions they made some two decades ago to secure ample land around our Lagimodiere campus in Winnipeg. At the time, the vision was not entirely clear, but we now understand that this decision would pave the way for future growth and expansion. This big-picture vision has paid off over the years, and in my mind, this miracle is nothing short of phenomenal!

At Springs Christian Academy, we’re intentional in creating a specific environment that allows children to embrace their childhood while instilling in them a strong Biblical foundation. This new building will not only welcome more students, but it will help nurture their understanding of their identity in Christ! We’re not just about seeing students graduate. We’re shaping the future by helping them excel academically, athletically, and in every aspect, all while focusing on Jesus.

This campus will not only cater to our Middle and High School needs, but it will also offer sports facilities and multi-purpose areas, serving as a unique point of connection for families. Additionally, this facility will benefit both school and church activities, enabling more community engagement and outreach through various programs and events.

Springs Church and SCA have always shared a deep spiritual connection. Whether at church or at school, students are equipped with a solid foundation of faith. With this new building, the school is sure to flourish in unprecedented ways, and aligns both organizations in advancing the Kingdom of God with equal impact.


While the world seeks to influence and indoctrinate our youth, we stand firm in imparting the truths and doctrines outlined in God’s Word. These graduates emerge armed and prepared, not just academically, but spiritually too, knowing who they are and whose they are–young men and women going into the world passionately loving God AND people.

This isn’t just another building but a stake in the ground as we literally and figuratively ‘Build the Future’.




We are calling on YOU to help BUILD the FUTURE! We believe that by rallying together we can raise $30 million over two years and transform generations for Christ. Our plan  is to do this by:

Expanding our Winnipeg Campus:
This new building will eventually house over 700 students from Grades 5-12. This versatile space won’t just accommodate our educational needs but will also serve as a hub for our Springs Church kids programs, youth activities, events for young adults, family functions and an array of exciting future events.

Building a 135,000 square foot facility:
This new building will specifically cater to our Middle School and High School. The key benefit will be that it streamlines our school’s setup, housing the entire institution on one amazing campus. This consolidation promises a more unified educational experience for all our students. 

Funding the construction of this new facility:
We believe that we will complete this project debt-free! With the total cost at $45 million and $15 million secured through asset sales, our fundraising goal is $30 million over the next two years. Your contribution toward achieving this debt-free vision will be instrumental in making this project a reality, impacting lives for generations to come.

We are believing that we will build this building DEBT-FREE!

Please pledge over and above your regular giving as we still need to operate as usual while fundraising. Your pledges help us to plan accordingly.

Building the future for all.

Uniting hearts in purpose.

Inspiring growth.

Love in action.

Dedicated to future generations.

“BUILD” captures our commitment to fostering growth, love and dedication toward shaping a better future.

We truly value each and every contribution made to this project as a meaningful sacrifice by the giver.

To honour these heartfelt contributions, we have put together three distinct Giving Recognition Awards. These awards serve as a symbol of appreciation for your generosity and commitment to Build the Future. Donation of:
$2,500 - Your name engraved on a plate in the foundation.
$5,000 - Your name on a paving stone in the sidewalk.
$10,000 - Your name engraved on a plate on the wall in the building.




Along with your regular tithes and giving, you can add an amount to the BUILD THE FUTURE designation line. This method allows for cash, cheque, and credit card giving.



This method allows for debit and credit card giving. Please make sure to complete an offering envelope, selecting BUILD THE FUTURE.




This method allows for credit cards and most Visa/MasterCard debit cards. You can also set up and manage your own recurring giving using this method.



Available through your online banking. If you already give using this method, you would have already been given an account number that can be used for this building fund. If you would like to use this method, contact the church finance office and we will assist in getting you set up.



We are set up for pre-authorized debits from your bank accounts and credit cards. Call the church finance office for details and to get set up.



There is a significant potential tax benefit to donating this way. Call the church finance office for more details.


Why do we need a new building?
Our current school will outgrow its facility capacity in two years.
No. Springs Church has always done everything to maximize the multi-use of its buildings. Although we call 595 our main sanctuary, it is used as a school building more than 65% of the time.
The plan is for kids ministry to move from our 725 location to this new building. The gymnasiums will be used for adult sports ministries. The classrooms will be used for Life Courses and the large common area will allow for a variety of events.
Yes! The typical taxpayer receives about 46% back from the government of what they donated in tax savings. Here is a sample of an average tax payer in Manitoba:
Yes! In fact, this could be a very strategic way to give. Donations of publicly traded securities from a non-registered account have a capital gains tax rate of 0% plus you still receive the full value of the donated securities. Call the church finance office for details! Here is a quick comparison chart:

** SCA operates as a ministry under Springs Church, receiving spiritual guidance and oversight from the church. If you have any questions regarding this campaign or building project, please call Michael at 204-233-7003 (Ext 2121).

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