Back in 1997, when the church was campaigning for our 595 location, we were just a young couple managing our money to make ends meet. The church asked us to pledge, and we answered that call. Throughout that campaign, the church placed the names of donors in the foundation of that building. It wasn’t until years later, after I began working at Springs, that I saw a photo of our names on the foundation of the very building we meet in on Sundays. Seeing that photo  immediately brought me to tears. This wasn’t a fundraising gimmick but rather a spiritual gesture that honoured those who gave towards people coming to know Christ. Every person that gave their  life to Christ, every family that was restored, every person that was healed… my wife and I had a part in that!


Our school is currently bursting at the seams at both campuses. Within the next two years,both our Youville and Lagimodiere Campuses will outgrow their existing facilities – even after several additions have been built. This new facility will not only accommodate this growth but also provide room for future expansion. At the completion of this new build, our school will be situated on one location, rather than two – thus eliminating the need for bussing students between campuses.

On Sundays, our kids classes will make great use of this new facility. Many classes will relocate to this new building, which will allow for more growth as well. It will remove the need for bussing on Sundays too, as the new build connects directly to our existing 595 facility.

Our desire is for every child to become a fully devoted follower of Christ. This building is the next step in helping us continue to provide an environment where kids can bring their friends to learn about Jesus. Building the future is all about raising Spirit Contemporary leaders who will boldly share the Gospel and change the world.




Building relationships on purpose requires an environment created with purpose!

Let’s be real. Whether you are young or old, building a relationship with God is easier (and more enjoyable!) with others around. 

With three gymnasiums and a large multi-purpose space equipped with a commercial kitchen, this new building opens doors for events catering to our youth, young adults and various other groups, offering countless opportunities to come together and grow in Christ. It will also house growing midweek events and ministries such as our Bible School, Leadership Levels and Life Courses.

This new facility isn’t just about space – it’s a gateway to deeper connections with Christ.

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