Biblical Studies 2

Course List and Descriptions


Pastor Jacquie Fontaine

This course will take you on a journey through God’s original and perfect plan from before the foundation of the world. From creation through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus our Saviour the principles and truths you will learn in this course will change how you see God and His finished work.

Power of Hope

Pastor Andrew Wommack

Learn how Hope is second only to love in the Christian life (1 Cor. 13:13). Many believers might disagree with that, especially when you tell them hope involves imagination. But imagination dictates how your life goes, and if you’re ever going to receive what God has for you, you'll need to understand that hope is a positive imagination.

Law of Faith

Pastor Jacquie Fontaine

Learn some basic yet profound truths about faith, as Pastor Jacquie gets deeper into who you are in Christ. She will teach the types of confessions, the old and new covenant, how it impacts our faith walk and explains beautifully how we can enter into the Law of Faith by grace.


Pastor Leon Fontaine

What is faith and how can I activate it in my life? Why is it crucial to speak words of faith over my life? Why do I need to speak the word of God out loud? Pastor Leon will teach you the answers to these questions and more, as he dives into the area of faith and how to apply it in your everyday life.

Faith the Missing Pieces

Dr. Jim Richards

When you hear the phrase “living by faith,” what does it mean to you? We all know we are called to live by faith, but maybe we’re not sure of what that really looks like in real life. Through this series, Dr. Jim Richards, will share some of the most practical yet life-changing truths about living by faith. Regardless of what you know about the Bible, until it brings you to a life of faith it does nothing to improve your quality of life or your relationship with God! Get ready for a total paradigm shift to a life of faith!

How to Follow God’s Will

Pastor Andrew Wommack

As you follow the Will of God for your life, it allows you to set goals and purposely seek after what God has created you to do. Andrew teaches you that the number one way that we learn to follow God's Will is to simply put God first. When you put Him first then the desire of your heart changes to match up with His.

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