Become a part of a world class team!

You belong! Jesus has given us all talents and abilities to use to help others. By volunteering, you not only get the opportunity to help others, you also develop a sense of significance as you focus on other people. Volunteering on a team is also one of the greatest ways to discover life-long friendships. 

Go from being a spectator to being a participator! Our one-session class, Getting Connected, is how you begin your volunteer journey!

In this class, you will learn all there is to know about getting involved and joining a Springs team. 

Upcoming Class Dates


Sunday, July 21  |    10:45am
Sunday, August 4  |   10:45am
Sunday, August 18  |   10:45am
Sunday, September 1  |   10:45am
Sunday, September 15  |   10:45am
Sunday, September 29  |   10:45am


Sunday, September 8  |   10:45am
Sunday, September 29  |   10:45am
Sunday, October 27  |   10:45am
Sunday, November 24  |  10:45am

*Please meet at the Guest Centre in the main foyer just before the class.

"Those who are planted in the House of the Lord will flourish!"
Psalm 92:13

Everyone has a place of importance, a place where they can make a significant difference in the lives of others! We believe the greatest team in the world is the local church. Every week, more than a thousand members of the church volunteer on numerous teams throughout our many locations. If Springs is your home church, we’d love for you to get involved in one of our many different teams!


Coffee shops, Concessions, Baking Team, event catering, and so much more.

Inner City

Help reach a community for the cause of Christ.

Event Planning

Providing atmosphere to our events, by creating and implementing decor.

Prayer Chain

Believe with us in prayer as we present the weekly prayer requests to God. Changing people's lives through the power of daily prayer.


Help share the exciting events that are happening here at Springs Church.

Resource Team

This team provides information about events, registrations and audio series for our church congregation.

Service Teams

Ushers, Greeters, Security, Medical Team, Parking Lot, Shakers and Movers, and Green Thumbs


Whether you can sing, play an instrument or write, we have a place to use your musical ability on our team.

Springs Media

Reaching out to emerging generations using contemporary technology.
Computer Graphics, Camera operators, Floor Director, Sound, Lighting, Social Media, B-Roll, Edit Team, and more.

Content Development Group

Creating unique content from concept to completion for multiple platforms.
Involves all positions of media production including:
Script Writing, Directing, Acting, Costumes, Hair/Makeup, Production Crew, etc.

Languages Team

Reaching Multiple Cultures with the message of Jesus through the transcription and translation of Leon's messages.

Twenty Somes

Meet new people, connect, and stir your passion for Jesus by volunteering on our Twenty Somes Team.

Springs Kids

Help bring the message of Jesus to our youngest generation.
Volunteer with our Sunday and Wednesday services, Mascot Team, Kids on the Go, Guest Services, Stay 'N' Play, G-Force Dance, Puppet FX, Craft Team, Shuttling.


Creating relationships with the next generation through dramas, concession, activities and games, ushers, connecting teams and many more.

Springs Christian Academy

Providing Christ centered education in an environment of excellence.

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