A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.

It's about impacting generations for eternity.

For over 25 years, God has been using the Springs Church team to fuel transformational change within not only our families, but untold hundreds of thousands across Canada and around the world. We at Springs Church have been part of a move of God that is continuing to grow exponentially. It’s a great time to celebrate how far we have come and to ensure we have the finances to reach everyone God has called us
to reach.

Leaving a Legacy is not about a donation, it’s about making a wise investment that will change people’s eternity!  It’s all about reaching your children, your grandchildren, your neighbours, your community and those around the world that without Springs Church wouldn’t hear the Gospel in a Spirit Contemporary, life-changing way.

For more information, contact us at (204) 233-7003 or email us at leavingalegacy@springschurch.com.

Forms and Information

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