Winnipeg - 595 Lagimodiere Blvd

Life Courses are offered on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 7pm-9pm 

See course list below for specific days and times.

Starting May 7

Culturally Relevant

4 weeks

Our culture defines us more than we realize. Being aware of cultural changes impacting people today help us to communicate Christ more effectively within our modern-day culture.  In this course, you will hear from amazing speakers, such as Leon Fontaine, Kong Hee, AR Bernard and others, who know the extreme importance of keeping church culturally relevant.

Starting May 7

Spirit, Soul and Body

4 weeks

What exactly changed when you were born again? Everything may seem the same and you may wonder if you changed at all. Through this video series Andrew Wommack will show you what happened when you were saved. You will learn the difference between your spirit, soul and body and how to have a relationship with God the way He intended! 

Starting May 14

Freedom From Guilt & Rejection

3 weeks

Are you tired of feeling guilty and condemned?  This video series by Leon Fontaine will teach you principles that will banish those toxic emotions once and for all. Learn how to accept the love God has freely given you and how your mistakes can never disqualify you from receiving His love.

Starting May 22


1 session

Jesus came as a man and was the perfect model of humility. This course taught by John Dickson, talks about the benefits and origins of humility, and how being humble can add power to your life.

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