Heart For the House

All Sunday Services | November 17, 2019

Our Heart for the House is a special offering that happens every November. This ‘Miracle Offering’ is where we ask everyone to give sacrificially, over and above their regular giving. To give something that makes us all ‘gulp’ – as we seek first God’s kingdom. What God has done at Springs is amazing, but God has called us to more! This year’s Heart for the House offering is one that will allow us to pursue avenues that we believe God has called us to; but we need the finances to do it. Let’s all be praying and believing that as we come together and give sacrificially to look after God’s house – that He WILL look after our houses as well. On November 17th, let’s all come prepared to give. Let’s all do our part, give till we gulp as we give of our Heart for the House.