Love Month is an expression of Springs Church, an initiative that encourages random acts of kindness within our families and communities. Big or small, we believe one simple act of kindness can radically change someone’s life.

Although February is reserved as Love Month on our calendar, the goal is that we would continue this endeavor throughout the entire year. We want our church to be known as a people who truly love and value those around us.

If you’re in need of ideas, below are some suggestions to help spur you on to share acts of kindness.


• Let someone go ahead of you in line
• Donate blood
• Pick up litter
• Smile at five strangers
• Buy the person behind you coffee
• Hold the door
• Donate used clothing
• Shovel a neighbour’s driveway
• Pick up groceries for an elderly neighbour
• Volunteer
• Hold the elevator door
• Leave quarters at the laundromat
• Make a donation to a charity
• Tape coins to a vending machine
• Babysit for a friend
• Donate household items to Acts of Kindness
• Give a co-worker kudos
• Give a stranger a compliment
• Leave a generous tip
• Make cookies for a neighbour
• Send postcards to grandparents
• Leave a positive review
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